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Do you receive mail every day? Then you have long had a routine of opening envelopes or folding boxes. How about receiving a parcel or letter for once that doesn't conform to the usual norm, but inspires you with its innovative design? That would certainly be an exciting thing and we have these boxes for you in our range. With us, you can design your cardboard envelopes and folding boxes yourself. There are no limits to the design and the recipient will certainly be amazed by your imagination. If you prefer a more classic look, then you are of course also in good hands with us. We also offer unprinted boxes and envelopes of the highest quality. Of course, our folding boxes are made in Germany and are made of environmentally friendly materials. The "Made in Germany" seal of quality is our programme. You order directly from the manufacturer, which naturally also has a positive effect on delivery times.

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When it comes to choosing the packaging, you are spoilt for choice. Should it be a large envelope in A3 or do you go for the smaller variants in A4 or A5? Our cardboard envelopes are equipped for all tasks and the familiar DIN long envelope is also part of our range. When it comes to printing, you can make full use of all the possibilities. Simply opt for colourful models that are printed with your motifs. The print makes the recipient immediately recognise who the boxes come from. Once the cardboard boxes are printed, they also have an advertising effect. After all, the packaging goes through many hands before delivery and your name remains in the memory.

Our cardboard packaging is perfect for promotional gifts


If you like to send promotional gifts, then you should rely on our finishing effects. For example, the mailing bag becomes a unique item. Our folding boxes travel many kilometres before they reach the recipient, so it's important that you don't forget quality as well as a great look. We offer you this high quality at fair prices. The next shipment is surely already in the starting blocks and then you are on the right side with our cardboard boxes.

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