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Whoever wants to act sustainably as a company should rely on environmentally friendly packaging. In industry, in trade, but also in gastronomy, they help to avoid waste and save energy and water. With us, you get environmentally friendly packaging in the format you want. We adjust the size of the packaging exactly to your needs and provide it with a high-quality print on request. With ecological packaging, you make your contribution to a green future.

What is sustainable packaging? Is cardboard sustainable?

Environmentally friendly packaging is packaging solutions that can be largely decomposed or recycled due to their materials. Cardboard is a typical example of environmentally friendly packaging. It is made of plant fibres and waste paper and can thus be broken down by microorganisms or recycled.

Besides the material, however, the chemicals used for printing also determine whether a cardboard box counts as environmentally friendly packaging. Long transport routes can also have a negative impact on the environmental balance. Cardboard is particularly environmentally friendly if it is largely made of waste paper, while the pulp is obtained from domestic forests.

Is cardboard biodegradable?

Cardboard is made from wood or plant fibres and is thus easily decomposable by microorganisms. This also applies to special packaging for compost, which is also environmentally friendly packaging. Decomposed materials can later be used to make excellent fertiliser, and compost is also popular for making potting soil.

Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming increasingly popular in industry as it helps meet sustainability goals. Primarily, they are used to package food, but foodservice food, cosmetics and jewellery also do well in eco-friendly packaging.

Why pack environmentally friendly? The best reasons for ecological packaging


Oceans and forests suffer greatly from litter pollution. However, plastic packaging can easily be replaced by environmentally friendly packaging. Producers also save a lot of energy and water in the production of ecological packaging. After all, much of the material is already available in the form of waste paper.

Protecting products in environmentally friendly packaging not only guarantees a clear conscience. It also helps to achieve the sustainability goals that the company has set for itself. Increasingly conscious shoppers are also more likely to use environmentally friendly packaging. When it comes to organic food as well as cosmetics and jewellery, you can hardly avoid sustainable packaging.

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Whether in neutral colour or with fancy print - we supply you with only the best packaging that meets current environmental standards. Printed packaging helps you promote your products as well as strengthen your brand


In close consultation with you, we can also handle large order quantities. You are welcome to get an idea of our quality in advance. Simply request your free and non-binding sample of our sustainable packaging.

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