Environmentally friendly packaging: flower seed box and fertiliser box as cardboard packaging

For flower seeds, lawn seeds and fertiliser, packaging such as boxes or folding cartons are just right. With natural products, the idea of environmental protection is particularly obvious. Cardboard boxes consume fewer resources than plastic alternatives and are easy to dispose of or recycle after use. The cardboard packaging of the flower seed box and flower fertiliser box is completely sufficient for the safe storage of seeds and fertiliser. In addition, the boxes can be printed individually.

As colourful as flowers, as useful as fertiliser: folding boxes for seeds and fertiliser


Whether for personal use or as a gift: stored dry, folding cartons and folding boxes are the ideal places to store lawn and flower seeds and fertilisers. Boxes can also be stacked to save space and arranged neatly.

Companies, associations and initiatives are increasingly discovering flower seed boxes and flower fertiliser boxes as advertising media. Everyone is happy about a box of flower seeds or lawn seeds, as well as a practical fertiliser box.

Attractive packaging direct from the manufacturer

Ebro Color provides the original design of the folding boxes. For printing, interested parties can choose from varied templates or submit their own designs. The manufacturer prints seed and fertiliser packaging with all motifs from images to logos to slogans, and that in one or more colours. As a specialist in printing and cardboard packaging, Ebro Color gives seed folding boxes and fertiliser boxes that certain something. Our visually appealing cardboard boxes trigger joy just by looking at them. You don't need extra gift packaging, neither in friendly nor in business dealings. Decorative packaging also communicates in a promotional way: flower fertiliser in the personalised fertiliser box promotes the company handing it out or woos the recipient.

Just ordered - already delivered

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