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With lids are some of the most practical packaging and are popular in all sizes. Printing on them is worthwhile to get an easy-to-use product packaging. With your own logo, lids are just as suitable for promotional gifts. Have yours custom printed with us and benefit from unique quality. You can easily buy your boxes online in the size of your choice.

Why are with lids so popular?

Many retailers and producers have their boxes printed with lids. The boxes are popular because of their versatility. Whether unprinted or printed, small or large - you can have them made to measure to suit all products and purposes.

Delivered with lids in the flat state. This makes the boxes particularly easy and inexpensive to store. Have them printed and receive packaging that only needs to be folded up quickly for use. End users can just as easily take the boxes apart again after unpacking and dispose of them.

With us, you can print and buy in your desired size. A4 boxes are particularly popular, as invoices and delivery notes fit inside them unfolded. printing is worthwhile to turn a plain white or brown into a vibrant design that catches everyone's eye even from a distance.

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Custom printing means not having to rely on standard solutions. With us, you get lids in a coordinated size that perfectly protects and showcases your products. By printing, we turn the simple cardboard box in white into a unique item that stands out and boosts sales.

In addition, printed boxes with lids help you to simplify your logistics. printing leads to more clarity in no time at all, as your boxes thus stand out from the uniform brown in the warehouse. But also the packaging of promotional gifts succeeds with our packaging solutions. to print, leads to significantly more success with gifts to customers and employees.

You can print them with ease in consultation with our team. We will provide you with the template and instructions that you can use to implement your design wishes yourself. You can also decide on the size, format and finishing of your lids. Our team will be happy to implement special requests for you. After designing, simply send the edited artwork back to us - our experts guarantee the highest print quality with vivid colours and sharp contours.

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Individual solutions for professional purposes - that's what we stand for. You receive your lids directly from the manufacturer. Look forward to first-hand quality at the best price.

Small , boxes in A4 or customised special solutions - we implement your ideas in close consultation with you. To convince yourself of the quality of our packaging solutions, we will be happy to send you a free sample without obligation.

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