Print gift hampers and gift baskets

Wine, cheese, tea or the products from your own shelves - all of these are easy to give away to loyal customers and business partners. Gift baskets and hampers are an excellent idea with which companies can give others great pleasure. Gifts packed with love are the key to successfully binding special customers to the company. You will find individual gift hampers and gift baskets with us - customised on request and with your own logo.

What can I give my customers?

The gesture itself counts more than the contents of any box. Nevertheless, some gifts pay off especially well and remain in the memory. Above all, products from the region are loved by customers and business partners. Wine from the local estate, coffee from the small roastery or beer from the local brewery are perfect for any occasion.

You can also include your own small products in a gift set - a good mix makes the difference. At Christmas and Easter, it is also a good idea to fill the gift baskets with typical presents. With gingerbread or chocolate, you always score a hit.

Present hampers and gift baskets: can they be sent?

Not every customer is based in the same place as your business. It's also a good idea to send a gift basket for simplicity's sake. This is possible with an outer box of the right size. Sturdy cardboard boxes for sending also protect delicate contents. That way, your basket is guaranteed to reach the customer in one piece.

You can also find the right packaging to send your gift basket safely from us. Order your customised outer boxes and gift baskets now at a great price.

Stylish gift hampers and gift baskets with your own logo

A gift is always something special for customers and partners. It will be remembered for a long time if it also stands out visually. You can achieve this with the harmonious arrangement of the gift box's contents. We are your contact for the rest. With our modern printing and finishing techniques, we make every basket an eye-catcher.

First you choose the right size for your gift basket. You can choose from tried and tested standard sizes - or you can opt for customisation so that your baskets are perfectly tailored to your needs. Now all that's missing for your baskets is the design. Your own logo, a slogan to match the occasion or something quite unusual - there are no limits to your creativity. Bright colours and rich contrasts make your gift baskets a high-quality present.

Ordering a gift basket: the perfect present for every occasion

Special customers are more than just buyers of your goods. They are partners with whom many entrepreneurs even maintain a friendly relationship. Maintaining customer loyalty is particularly important here. This works best with carefully stocked gift baskets.

Typical occasions are holidays such as Christmas, New Year or Easter. But a gift basket is perfect especially for the customer's birthday. Individually selected gifts are ideal here - the favourite wine or produce from one's own garden are just two examples. Likewise, gift baskets for weddings or company anniversaries are always a good idea and strengthen the relationship between business partners.

Your gift set for happy customers

Gift baskets with unique quality are available from us. Production and printing from one source under high standards guarantee that your gift baskets will be well received. We make your gift baskets individually for you. Whether small or large - we deliver custom-made unique items with your own design quickly, at a favourable price and for every occasion.

We are happy to provide you with a free quotation for gift baskets in your desired quantity. Do you have any questions or would you like individual advice? Then you can reach us by phone or at any time by e-mail.

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