Influencers and followers are enthusiastic about our boxes

A successful influencer has many fans and a large number of subscribers. Everyone wants to be part of the influencer's life and the fans are always looking forward to new videos. In this context, it can be quite useful not to send the gifts for the influencers in simple boxes. An even greater advertising effect is achieved with printed folding boxes. With a perfect design, the influencer kit can become the flagship of your company. Every influencer lives off his or her name recognition. The more subscribers, the higher the advertising revenue. Through the cardboard boxes with a special design, the influencer can make his fans happy. In addition, the corresponding company receives a huge advertising stage. The influencer could also give away these boxes as part of a competition. The possibilities with the folding boxes are manifold and more and more companies are getting influencers on board. The placement also plays a crucial role, but the first impression is dedicated to the packaging.

A defining design should adorn the packaging


To ensure that the folding boxes leave no questions at all unanswered, they should immediately create clarity. Why not immortalise your own logo or a distinctive saying on the cardboard packaging? Even the colour of the cardboard boxes can already allow conclusions to be drawn about the company. Through the presentation of the influencer on his channel, the influencer kit becomes famous and thus also their content interesting. Through our printing, we can bring your company's wishes onto the cardboard box. Once the goodie box is printed, it is sent directly to the influencer. Our Influencer Box is manufactured in Germany and the printing is also carried out here. Thus, you order from the producer without middlemen and the delivery times for the goodie boxes are correspondingly short.

Quality plays a decisive role

If you want to give an influencer a gift and decide to buy an influencer box, then you absolutely have to pay attention to the quality. The influencer box takes marketing to a new level. By the way, there can also be an unboxing video for each promotional box. This allows the influencer to show their followers in advance what content they can expect in the folding boxes. In this way, the anticipation of the goodie box is awakened and every fan immediately wants to secure such an influencer box. You should not miss this chance. Get your influencer kit in the house. The interest among influencers and their fans will be huge.

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