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Jewellery is an exquisite product with status and recognition value that should be presented, sold and shipped in appealing jewellery packaging. With suitable jewellery packaging from ebro colour, you show customers your brand and branding in a casual way, but achieve a great effect: your company is remembered, long-term customer loyalty is promoted. Furthermore, when jewellery is purchased for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, an elegant jewellery packaging in the shop window or POS boxes can tip the scales in favour of a purchase. At ebro colour, you can get various cardboard jewellery packaging that meets these requirements and that you can also have personalised, printed and customised.

What kind of jewellery packaging is there?

Jewellery packaging is particularly suitable for classic jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. But it is also worth buying jewellery packaging for accessories such as cufflinks, glasses and key rings to enhance the products or to send them in them in a break-proof way. Therefore, a popular basis for jewellery packaging. are inexpensive and yet of high quality, are delivered flat and can be assembled by yourself with just a few handles. You save time and money. These types of lend themselves to jewellery:

  • pillow boxes: pillow boxes have an eye-catching shape that looks particularly classy and is therefore very suitable for jewellery. They are suitable for packaging necklaces, for example.
  • Telescope boxes: Telescope boxes are somewhat roomier and have a slip lid. This makes them ideal jewellery packaging for watches and glasses. If the telescope boxes are equipped with an inlay, you can also pack rings and earrings in them in such a way that nothing wobbles.
  • hinged boxes: hinged boxes are characterised by their hinged lid. They are perfect for displaying your jewellery in a shop window or POS box. Since the products are visible to customers when the lid is open, but they can also already take a look at the packaging, hinged boxes with the right design become an additional selling point.

You need packaging solutions individually tailored to your jewellery? At ebro colour, you can also buy jewellery packaging that we customise to your wishes.

Jewellery packaging with logo and individual design


Jewellery packaging that promotes sales and increases the awareness of your company are jewellery packaging with logo and individual finishing. That's why you can have jewellery packaging from ebro colour printed with your logo and name and finished with artistic engraving and die-cutting. Have you developed your own images, graphics and logos? Simply send them to us when you place your order. You also have several options when it comes to the printing process. We are very familiar with different printing methods. We will not leave you alone with these decisions if you are still not sure. Our staff is at your side with detailed advice.

Order jewellery packaging from the manufacturer: Your advantages

Buying jewellery packaging from a wholesaler makes sense on the one hand for larger sellers who order corresponding quantities. Thanks to our expertise in the field of sales packaging, we can easily implement such large orders according to your ideas. The special thing about ebro colour: you get a good offer with an attractive unit price already from an order quantity of 100 pieces. That's why we are also the right contact for small to medium-sized companies when it comes to wholesale jewellery packaging. Interest aroused? Then order your jewellery packaging from the manufacturer ebro colour now or have a free sample sent to you. You are also welcome to call us, we will advise you.

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