Custom printed lipstick boxes for stylish or caring lipsticks

Lipstick boxes for the sale and dispatch of lipstick and lip care products are available from us in high-quality cardboard. You can order the folding boxes in various sizes and formats blank in white for your own design or brilliantly printed by us for you right online. We print lipstick boxes in quantities of 100 or more in the colours of your choice and with graphic design and labelling according to your specifications. Whether boxes for a mixed assortment of lip care or boxes with lipsticks of one type and colour, we have the right product for you and design it according to your needs. The cardboard boxes are of the best quality and we deliver them promptly throughout Germany and Europe. Please feel free to contact us and we will inform you individually about our possibilities for the design of lipstick boxes!

Lipstick boxes for storage, warehousing and sales

For many women, a lipstick is an essential cosmetic item for every day and special occasions. If you, as a manufacturer, a distributor or a supplier, want to transport, store or sell these popular lip care products professionally packed in larger quantities, then you need the right folding boxes for cosmetic products. The boxes are used for transport and storage and thus reach the warehouse or sales area of your customers. An individual design of the boxes emphasises the character of the contents and at the same time draws attention to you and your company.

Cardboard boxes for lipsticks individual and creative

A stylish lipstick as a cosmetic product for making up the mouth needs different packaging than a nourishing lipstick for the care of rough and chapped lips. So even the cardboard boxes for holding a larger number of lipsticks in the B2B sector should be optimised for the content, each with a slightly different design in terms of colour, font and graphics. Accordingly, we work with you to develop an optimal solution as to which folding cartons in which colour and with which design elements are ideally suited to the product you are selling. For example, a discreet colour design with only a few graphic details may be appropriate for a caring lipstick with an emphasis on care, while fashionable lipsticks matching the target group are shown off to their best advantage in an elaborately designed carton in trendy colours and with glamour effects.

Size and format as well as colour scheme and design for folding boxes can be freely selected


When it comes to the size and format of folding boxes for lipsticks, it makes a difference whether a single pencil or several pencils are to be stored in one box. There is a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to size, and a box that tightly encloses a single pencil can be realised just as easily as larger folding boxes for holding several pencils. When it comes to the graphic design of the boxes made of high-quality and robust material, there are almost no limits to the imagination. The illustration of lips with make-up on the carton can be realised just as easily as the printing of a photo of the lipstick. In terms of colour, the palette ranges from discreet and inconspicuous to fresh and stimulating to noble and extravagant. On request, we can also effectively implement special design wishes, for example with special finishing effects. Please feel free to ask us for special sizes and fill out the contact form.

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