Mouthguard boxes made of sturdy cardboard designed to fit precisely and printed individually

Practical face mask boxes are available from us ready for filling in white or printed by us with technical brilliance according to your specifications. We can customise the protective mask boxes completely according to the colour and graphic data you send us. Special finishing effects for an unmistakable, effective advertising design are also possible. The folding boxes for the mouthguards to be stored in them are made of robust and insensitive cardboard. As with all our products, you can rely on precise technical implementation for our high-quality cardboard boxes for mouth protection. For us, quality is just as much a commitment as prompt implementation and you will receive your new mouthguard boxes on time and quickly within Germany and Europe.

Printing boxes for mouthguards practical and solid

If you want to produce and/or sell masks for protecting the nose and mouth to prevent droplet distribution when sneezing, coughing and talking as a hygiene product, then you need to pack the masks professionally in boxes suitable for this purpose and deliver them in a hygienically flawless manner. At the same time, the boxes should stack, store and transport well and be quick to open when needed. Folding cartons are best suited for this purpose, as they can be filled with the face masks in a few simple steps and can be stored and transported in a space-saving and unproblematic manner. With our robust and solid cardboard boxes you are on the safe side and you receive the folding boxes in different sizes depending on the quantity of protective masks to be filled. For example, we offer boxes in which you can place 10 or even 50 protective masks hygienically wrapped in transparent film, depending on your needs.

Folding boxes for protective masks in various sizes and formats

Protective masks are suitable, depending on the type, for use by dentists or in other medical practices to protect practitioners and patients. The protective masks protect against pathogens as well as odours and are conveniently equipped with a strap. When packing these hygiene articles, you should make sure that the protective masks are properly and correctly placed in suitable cartons or boxes. Our protective mask boxes, available in various sizes and formats, can be perfectly filled and brought to the respective use. In addition, they can be individually designed, for example in your company colours and with your company name, a crisp slogan and informative company details such as address, telephone number and website. In this way, the reliably stable folding boxes as packaging for mouthguards become catchy advertising media for your company at the same time.

Designing cardboard boxes for face masks according to individual wishes


When ordering customised mouthguard boxes according to your needs, we can cater exactly to your special wishes regarding size and design. Especially with sensitive products such as mouth masks, it is important that the box and contents form a harmonious unit and that the graphic design matches. We will be happy to advise you and also implement unusual ideas for a design if required. You can, of course, include a sketch or a description with your individual wishes in your enquiry to us. We are happy to exchange ideas by e-mail, contact form or telephone and together we will find the optimal solution for your custom-made protective mask boxes. Feel free to contact us about your order of protective mask boxes.

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