Present cosmetic products perfectly

Women and also many men love cosmetics and care products. When making a purchase decision, customers like to fall back on well-known and proven brands or orient themselves on new product presentations from advertising. For the selection of articles for cosmetic or medical skin care such as cream or ointment, the packaging in cream boxes plays a decisive role above all. It is the first key stimulus of a perfect presentation and visually sets off your goods in the trade. Boxes and cartons become the trademark of your company and certain product lines. They have a high recognition value and contribute decisively to the sales success of cosmetics. Are you planning the market launch of a new skin care product or would you like to relaunch the carton boxes of a popular product? Whether jars or tubes - the Swabian family business Ebro Color is your reliable and creative partner when it comes to appealing packaging and top quality. Many years of experience in the industry in the production of cardboard boxes made of solid board or fine cardboard, high-quality printing techniques and sophisticated finishing effects turn your boxes into individually designed highlights that perfectly match your cosmetic products.

Good and safe storage

Your goods should reach the customer in perfect quality. Our packaging specialists ensure that light, humidity or pressure cannot harm your items during transport or storage in the shop. For all-round protection of your goods, we offer folding boxes and folding cartons in a wide range of materials, which we can customise in size, feel and look to meet your individual wishes and requirements. For example, you can order the cardboard boxes from us as a classic square variant. If you are looking for an exclusive wrapping for your cream or ointment, we recommend handmade cardboard boxes with magnetic closure. These cardboard boxes with 14 mm thick outer walls as well as a hinged lid in double cardboard thickness are ideal as a gift box or for storing several items. All variants, from the flap box, the sliding box and the handy ointment box to the magnetic box, offer various possible uses and can be equipped with a matching inlay or viewing windows made of film, for example. Tell us your ideas and wishes - with creativity, passion and state-of-the-art equipment, we can customise your cream boxes to your product down to the last detail.

Glamorous flair or simple elegance

At Ebro Color, you can get folding cardboard boxes in white or printed all over directly from the manufacturer. Important information and details such as the intended use, ingredients and your company's data can be printed on the various models. At the same time, there is enough space for the visual design with your logo, a slogan, graphics or images. Give your folding cartons a classy finish with gold or silver elements or go for a natural look and minimalist design for natural cosmetics. Be inspired by our 25 cardboard colours and finishing techniques such as high-gloss and matt varnish, foil embossing and foil lamination or die-cutting and perforation. We will be happy to advise you on the design of your cartons by phone or in person. We can produce individual sizes for orders of 100 or more, and standard sizes for orders of 1 or more. Prior to production, we provide you with a sample for inspection and approval. Only then does production begin and you can take delivery of your goods in just a few days.

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