Give your office supplies a face!

Office supplies are among the most important promotional items in all industries. So it's no wonder that these utensils should be attractively packaged. We offer classic white boxes without printing in all conceivable sizes. However, you can also personalise your boxes and opt for a print from our company. If you have your boxes printed, you are betting on individual class and the advertising effect will amaze you. Our boxes are produced in Germany and you buy directly from the manufacturer. For this reason, we can guarantee you particularly short delivery times. But what equipment actually fits into our packaging? The choice is diverse.

Our cardboard packaging is used in all areas


Almost everyone owns a smartphone. That's why we offer smartphone cases with that special something. Printer cartridges and ink cartridges also find a place in our cardboard boxes. At school, fountain pen cartridges are in demand and the biros is certainly one of the most important writing utensils at the workplace. What would an office be without printer paper? You can also store the corresponding protective sleeves for important documents in our folding boxes. You would like to establish copy paper, letter clips or index cards in self-designed packaging on the market? Then we are your reliable and competent partner. Wooden pens, envelopes and felt pens also fit into our customised folding boxes. Not to forget labels or the geo triangle. A workplace without adhesive tape, adhesive pads and A4 paper is actually unimaginable. Each of these utensils has its own folding box, which you can design with us according to your wishes. For countless other products, such as rulers, erasers, pens, hole punches, scissors or stamps, we have the right solutions ready. We are also prepared for folders of all kinds, the tape measure, calendars and the popular notebook.

What could the design look like?

You can design the boxes completely individually. Determine the background colour and the design. What motif should adorn your folding boxes for office supplies? How about the name of your company. You could also have the logo or a striking advertising slogan applied. Even special congratulations cut a good figure on the folding boxes. The possibilities are endless and you can be sure of one thing: Office supplies have never been more beautifully packaged!

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