The Green Rush is the Gold Rush of the 21st century. While the green plant was still widely banned around the world around 80 years ago, its increasing legalisation is now creating a real hemp hype. The use of medicinal cannabis is becoming more and more normal, the recreational use of weed is being legalised in many countries of the western world and the distribution of CBD products is booming. More and more start-ups and young companies are recognising the potential in this and want a piece of the pie. They mix, brew and conjure up extracts, tinctures and capsules for their various cannabis creations. Their products range from CBD oil to CBD tea to CBD cosmetics. Each item has a different size, a different shape and a different specificity, which is why each item has to be packaged differently. A tricky task that requires many years of experience and the special know-how of a specialist - a specialist like Ebro Color: the carton expert for your packaging challenges.

More than just packaging: cartons as a marketing tool and protective cover

Packaging protects products. They prevent the contents from being damaged, contaminated or destroyed. By adapting them to the specific conditions of the products, they can provide protection against impact, light, moisture or oxygen. Packaging allows even fragile and sensitive products to reach the customer safely. But to reduce packaging only to its basic function would be thinking too simply. Because modern cartons and cardboard packaging can do much more!

Packaging is the ideal marketing tool to attract the interest of buyers. Because while advertising space has to be bought expensively in many places, a cardboard box offers several pages of free space. The slogan, the logo, the company colours - all this can be printed on the folding boxes with little effort to strengthen the company's presence to the outside world. At the same time, the packaging design reflects the brand identity and brings the carton contents to life even before they are unpacked.

Because, as always, the decisive factor is: the first impression counts. And this impression is not made when the customer tests the product for the first time, but when he holds the package in his hands for the first time. If the packaging is convincing, the content also has a better chance of convincing its recipient. That's why we advise you not to waste this free advertising space, but to attract attention with creative design concepts and to embellish your CBD product with our food-grade ink.

No standard solutions: Special packaging for CBD products

Packaging is not just packaging. With us, each packaging is specially tailored to its contents and adapted to the product through various shapes, finishes and padding. That's why ebro colour not only offers standard-sized cardboard boxes, but also colourful doughnut boxes, sturdy flower boxes, portable cake packaging and sustainable CBD tuck-in boxes.

With the latter in particular, it is especially important to pay attention to high cardboard and printing quality in order to fully protect the sensitive preparation. After all, cannabis is a sensitive plant whose products must be protected as well as possible from light, heat or impact. This is the only way to ensure its unique effect, quality and shelf life. That's why we adapt our ebro colour packaging specifically to the individual CBD products of our customers and produce sturdy Tuck-in boxes for CBD oils, flowers, e-liquids and many other hemp products.

Whoever has the choice is spoilt for choice? Not with us. We are happy to advise you on materials, design, printing and finishing and help you choose the packaging for your cannabis products. This way, despite our large variety of packaging, you only have to make a small effort.

Material, print & finishing: Sustainably designed, high-quality produced

When it comes to cannabis, CBD and hemp use, the focus is on the natural mode of action. This basic idea should also be reflected in the packaging. For a coherent product presentation, it is therefore recommended to advertise the natural ingredients in sustainable packaging. And for environmentally friendly marketing, climate-neutral packaging from ebro colour is always recommended.

At ebro colour, we rely on biodegradable materials, resource-saving packaging and sustainable working practices. We try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to convince our customers with our green basic idea. Especially for CBD products, we also use organic inks that are suitable for printing on food packaging. With food-safe ink, we can simultaneously ensure the high quality of the product and professionally showcase the packaging. In this way, the environmentally conscious guiding principle can be combined with an innovative marketing design and the cannabis packaging can convince on all levels. Because just like your product, ours is also sustainable, original and of high quality.

Tuck-in boxes as a superhero for CBD shipping

Cardboard Tuck-in boxes are one of the most popular forms of packaging today. Their rectangular shape makes them convenient to stack, their many closed surfaces make them great for promotional purposes, and their sturdy edges make them safe to use for fragile packaging items. That's why they wrap everything from cosmetics to medicines to mobile phones, and why they're also the first choice for our CBD products.

Tuck-in boxes with cardboard tuck-in flaps can therefore be found in our CBD product recommendation in various sizes, shapes and materials. But that's no reason not to get creative yourself! Choose our Tuck-in boxes in cube form, with a window or with an automatic base and give them an individual design with your own ideas. This way you can make a big impression with a small box.

Pick, choose & order: Buy CBD packaging online now

As a long-standing packaging expert, we are happy to provide you with advice and support. From the first click on our websetie and online shop to the satisfactory delivery of the final product, we will advise you every step of the way. Take a look at our product range, find out about our packaging options or contact us personally if you have any questions. We'll be happy to provide you with no-obligation quotes, free samples and individual design suggestions. In this way, you can ensure that your product is in the best hands with us and, thanks to Ebro Color's high-quality packaging, also arrives safely in the hands of your customers. Because we are your expert for CBD folding boxes and cannabis cartons.

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