Carbohydrates from pasta for a healthy diet

Pasta is one of the most widespread sources of carbohydrates of all. Whether spaghetti, farfalle, gnocci or tagliatelle - all of them provide valuable carbohydrates and thus energy for the day. The preparation options are diverse and range from a quick spaghetti bolognese dish for the lunch break to an elaborate dinner with a 3-course menu in which pasta serves as an important side dish.


Packaging is most important marketing tool for pasta of all kinds


Packaging for all kinds of pasta products is the most important marketing tool of all. At first glance, it gives the impression that the product is tasty, healthy and of high quality. High-quality and well-designed packaging thus conveys important values such as quality, safety, taste and sustainability. At the same time, however, packaging is also a company's business card. Because especially in the field of pasta production, the competition is greater than ever! Eye-catching packaging helps a company to stand out from the crowd and thus has a considerable influence on the success and sales figures of the products. It is therefore a brand's communication medium and determines both the first impression and resale.

It doesn't matter whether the products are offered in a retail shop or in an online shop. The packaging is always what the customer sees at the beginning and thus functions as a brand message in all business models. It increases sales revenue and at the same time conveys important advertising messages.

Naturally, pasta boxes are also protective covers and transport packaging for food, but they can do much more! They protect the contents and present the brand image in style. Make use of this potential!

High quality and individual design from Ebro Color

At Ebro Color you can get folding boxes, spaghetti boxes, folding cartons, cardboard boxes or boxes and cartons specially made for your product. The cardboard boxes are white and can be purchased in plain or custom printed directly from the manufacturer. All folding cardboard boxes and cartons can be printed all around. If desired, the cardboard boxes can be additionally upgraded with special finishing effects. Every spaghetti box and every pasta box thus receives an individual design that will remain in the customer's memory. In this way, your cardboard boxes and folding boxes stand out and contribute to a significant increase in sales. Furthermore, it is especially important with pasta to convince with an extraordinary packaging. Even if your products far exceed the quality of comparable products in terms of content, this fact must be communicated to the customer. Because especially in this area, many customers see only a few differences between manufacturers and are not infrequently convinced that all goods are the same. The only way to convince your customers is thus innovative packaging!

We produce our boxes and packaging in the highest quality and also offer you outstandingly fast delivery times in Germany. Please feel free to send us your request.

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