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Perfume is like an invisible accessory. The fragrance gently refines our skin. But the pleasure begins long before the first scent. Just looking at it makes the body almost crave the sensual nuances. The perfume packaging bears all the more responsibility. At first glance, the perfect packaging whisks us away to far-off worlds. Ebro Color accepts the challenge. Our high-quality perfume boxes promise love at first sight. Just one look and the tasteful spray packaging stimulates the mental cinema. Immediately, rhythmic waves, gently curving valleys and smooth plays of colour appear before our inner eye. Mission accomplished.

Elegant perfume packaging for every creation


As is well known, tastes are open to debate. It is not for nothing that perfume shelves are so well stocked. Some creations are floral and playful, others fruity and fresh. Still others experiment with the most unusual nuances. So there is a spray to suit every taste. But it's not just the spray that has to match your personal style. This is the case with our perfume boxes. Like quick-change artists, the folding boxes adapt to the contents of the spray bottle. In this way, a little story can be told with the perfume box alone.

Your fragrance is as vitalising and fresh as the ocean? Make it feel like the maritime breeze with intense blue tones and lashing waves on the folding boxes. Your perfume smells like a glorious summer's day? Then why not hint at cheerfulness and joie de vivre with the printed cardboard boxes? Proud bouquets of flowers, flowering meadows or cheerfully intertwined plays of colour bring summer to the perfume box. Is your fragrance reminiscent of the Arabian Nights? Then strong violet and orange tones, metallic accents and oriental symbols belong on the perfume box. Your fragrance embodies modernity and purism? The monochrome perfume box in subtle nuances such as black, white or grey does the same for the fragrance. The message of the boxes: Less is more.

Printed cardboard packaging with a claim to quality


First impressions count - and this is also true for the spray box. Only high-quality, neatly finished folding boxes with exclusive printing remain in the customer's memory. But don't worry: for Ebro Color, upmarket cardboard boxes are a matter of course. Only the best of the best is good enough for us for your folding boxes - whether with or without printing. A free sample of our selected boxes will prove it to you.Are you looking for high-quality, informative packaging for your tablets? Then you've come to the right place. Our range of folding boxes strengthens your brand image and promotes sales. We are happy to be your partner for the perfect presentation of your tablets in attractive sweet boxes or capsule boxes. We deliver the folding boxes quickly and conveniently to your desired location.

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