Carton design for cat food goes straight to the heart


EBROCOLOR produces attractive boxes for dry food, canned food and portion bags for you. Our bag boxes with their natural look immediately convey that natural and healthy products are hidden inside. Each folding box can be provided with a tag with product information, for example. This additionally underlines the high quality of the box. In our sturdy pet food boxes, the flexible portion bags can also be stored safely and in a space-saving manner. Dog and cat owners thus have a whole assortment of balanced meals at home. In the shop, the fresh pouches can be presented in a matching display for effective advertising.

EBROCOLOR turns folding boxes into strong eye-catchers

Whether food supplements or treats for in-between meals, there is a suitable carton for every type of food. In addition to wet food in portion pouches, you can also present dry food in different ways. The decisive factor is the needs of the target group. It may also be worth considering adapting the size of the boxes to the size of the dog breed and not just having practical storage in mind. This way, dog owners reach for the right packaging on the shelf right away.

Cardboard boxes for unusual occasions

The possibilities for designing folding boxes for dog or cat food are many. Fresh, young, colourful, discreet or classically elegant - pet food can certainly be packaged differently than we are used to. Convey your brand message in a new way and win over completely new customers - the creative folding boxes from EBROCOLOR will support you in this. Do you want your pet food boxes to appeal to people who want to give gifts to pet owners? In this case, cardboard boxes with an unusual look are the right choice. Plain cardboard boxes or playful patterns, colours determine the effect of packaging. Metallic colours also have their place in package design if a noble look is desired. The EBROCOLOR team will be happy to advise you on your choice.

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