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Time passes us by. We can't stop it, but we can capture it. And what better way to capture special moments than with photos? From romantic wedding photos to funny snapshots from a holiday in Italy to moving pictures of grandpa's birthday - often pictures are the most beautiful words. Don't these beautiful words also deserve a wonderful place to be kept? How about our cardboard photo boxes? Your dearest memories are lovingly nestled in the high-quality packaging.

Picture box with recognition value


Memories are unique - as unique as we are. All the more reason for them to enjoy a unique place to be stored. Those who appreciate simple elegance opt for our picture boxes made of discreet white cardboard. The noble restraint of our picture boxes leaves room for what is really important - for the highlights of our lives. Do you want your cardboard packaging to be as special as your memories? Nothing could be better, we'd love to give your photo book packaging that certain something. Why not print our decorative boxes with the motif of your choice? A large family picture hints at the many joyful moments with loved ones. Magical landscapes increase the anticipation of holiday snapshots. In bold colours and playful prints, the photo book boxes really whet your appetite for wonderful moments. Or what do you think of a luxurious touch? Delicate gold and silver elements literally make our folding boxes shine. Or may we introduce you to our foil lamination and embossing? The fine foils and reliefs skilfully enhance the photo box.

Folding boxes from Ebro Color: elegance meets stability


Elegant boxes that score with stability? An impossibility? Not at Ebro Color, our picture boxes are both. On the one hand, our photo packaging scores with its stylish exterior - whether printed or unprinted. On the other hand, our cardboard boxes impress with their stability. Thanks to their high-quality material and careful processing, our folding boxes do not lose their shape quickly. On the contrary: even after longer use, the prints are in good hands in the picture boxes.

Convince yourself. We will be happy to advise you on your desired product - whether Scandinavian-simple photo book boxes or classy-glamorous folding boxes with metallic printing. Of course, we will also be happy to send you a free sample.

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