Eyecatcher biros packaging, pen box and felt tip pen box

Millions of felt-tip pens, coloured pencils and ballpoint pens go on the road every day. Whether at school or in a meeting, at a conference or on a date: these little accessories are needed again and again. They arrive on the shelves in biros boxes, folding boxes, coloured pencil boxes and felt-tip pen boxes so that they get noticed. Consumers often choose their felt-tip pen packaging and biros boxes based on appearance.

We supply you with biros packaging in white or coloured as well as coloured pen packaging and felt-tip pen boxes as required. But what exactly is the appeal of good pen packaging? Is it bright colours on a coloured pen packaging or is it an elegant print on the cardboard packaging? Does the pure white of folding cartons have an attractive effect or is it the boldness of a pencil box that attracts attention?

Every packaging has different objectives and different target groups. Therefore, all cardboard boxes should be individually decided on how they should be designed. For markers with luminous colours, there are other possibilities than for noble ballpoint pens. Basically, the following applies: Our felt-tip pen packaging and coloured pencil boxes can be printed all around.

There are no limits to your imagination!

Curved or straight lines, birds, flowers or ornaments are equally suitable for giving your company a personal touch. Every pen packaging becomes a message carrier through certain colours and shapes. Printing on all sides or only on top is also possible. The important thing is that each pen box becomes a symbol for pleasant writing: The message of the pen box and biros box will automatically transfer to the pens. Soft pens may call for broad lines, while glossy colours lend themselves to felt-tip pens.

Use the option of boxes to appeal to your customers through the senses. Boxes for crayons are usually aimed at children. With friendly motifs or playful ornaments, this crayon box will soon be the cherished accessory for school bags or hobbies.

Folding boxes and felt-tip pen boxes can also house utensils for adults. Then the appearance of the cardboard packaging should be adequate. No childish motifs, but elegance and seriousness are desired. With a matching print, the biros box will specifically attract the eye.

Conclusion: Folding boxes convince through colour or print, but also their inner life, because coloured pencil box and felt pen boxes protect high-quality pens. Unique cardboard boxes make a statement!

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