Printed cassette boxes directly from the manufacturer

Like a chest, the box opens from the top, presenting the contents attractively.

Rigid hinged lid boxes direct from the factory

For the packaging of some objects or documents, a conventional, purpose-designed box seems too plain. Documents such as family papers or certificates, even jewellery or collections belong in a container appropriate to their significance. Attractive rigid hinged lid boxes are the perfect place for your products.

Take the short route and purchase your rigid hinged lid boxes with printing directly from the manufacturer. Ebro Color is a specialist for high-quality and perfectly shaped boxes of all kinds.

Cassette boxes as versatile hinged lid boxes

Cassette boxes correspond to the model of the hinged lid box. Like the latter, they have their opening at the top, whereby the opening is opened and closed with an integrated hinged lid. Rigid hinged lid boxes are thus reminiscent of a small chest. Such a mental link is an excellent fit here. After all, chests often contain things that are of special value - materially and ideally: these can be precious embroideries or valuable silk fabrics as well as letters and manuscripts. Last but not least, almost everyone thinks of the treasure chests familiar from stories when they see a chest.

We have rigid hinged lid boxes for you in different variations

Customised folding box

We do not believe in a few standard solutions to which our customers are expected to adapt. We base our offer on the wishes of our customers. That is why we offer our boxes, including rigid hinged lid boxes, in several different dimensions, among which you will find your custom-made hinged box.

In addition to different sizes from small to medium to large in numerous intermediate sizes, we offer our rigid hinged lid boxes in different formats. Many of the boxes are in the classic box shape of the cuboid - from flat to tall copies. In addition, you can obtain rigid hinged lid boxes from us in the equally popular cube shape.

Square-shaped boxes are mainly used for packaging products. Cube-shaped rigid hinged lid boxes are also frequently used as gift packaging.

Folding box printed

With the rigid hinged lid box in printed form, we are happy to meet the numerous wishes of our customers for customisable cassette boxes. Various options are available for this, for example:

  • Imprinting of the company name plus company logo
  • Slogan or motto
  • Warning notes such as "Caution: Fragile!" or "Please store in a cool place!"
  • Ornaments
  • Congratulations and greetings

With the offer of "folding box printed" for a small extra charge, we address all customers - commercial as well as private. It is up to you whether you send us already finished designs or create something yourself in words or pictures. Whatever is technically possible, we will print it on your folding box. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

Give, advertise and pack more beautifully: buy folding box with print

Cassette boxes are already appealing because of their design: the principle of the cassette with a firmly attached hinged lid gives the box a discreet elegance. What you present in it demonstrates your good taste and expresses appreciation to the recipient. Ideally, the contents of the box are appropriate to its fine appearance. Fine jewellery, high-quality cosmetics or exquisite confectionery as well as CDs or DVDs are typical candidates for gift-wrapping in a custom-made hinged box.

Let rigid hinged lid boxes with print promote you, whether for you as a person or for your company. Discover rigid hinged lid boxes with print as a beautiful looking packaging. Many private individuals and business people already take the motto "Buy a folding box" to heart. Would you also like to buy a folding box? You can never have enough hinged boxes from Ebro Color. Which ones and how many would you like? Feel free to contact us.

Possible uses of the rigid hinged lid boxes

Cassette boxes are often used for: Jewellery

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