Printed scissors boxes individually printed for scissors of every type and size

We can supply you with printed scissors boxes made of sturdy cardboard for packaging and storing, shipping and selling scissors of all types and sizes. We print the boxes for you exactly according to your specifications for a distinctive design. If you wish, we can upgrade the cardboard boxes with special effects to make them individual and effective for advertising. Of course, you can also order the folding boxes from us unprinted in white for your own design. Feel free to tell us your wishes regarding boxes for scissor objects of any kind and we will be happy to make you an individual offer!

Boxes for scissors of different sizes and shapes individually printed


Scissors are an indispensable utensil in the domestic sphere as well as in the office and home office, in the shop and at a public authority as well as for service providers such as beauty salons and hairdressers. If you produce or sell scissors, it is best to use suitable cardboard boxes as packaging. There are different models of scissors in different sizes and shapes and each variant requires the right packaging, for example in the form of folding boxes. With us you can order scissors boxes in different dimensions and sizes, suitable for a single specimen or several scissors in one box. The folding boxes can be individually designed and printed in your company colours according to your data. We have a wide range of options for the use of lettering and graphic elements on the cardboard boxes. The font size can be individually selected, as can the font and text. You can have your company details printed on the boxes as well as the description of the product. A drawing or a photo of the respective scissors in the box can also be printed without any problems.

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For orders of 100 or more, we will print high-quality scissors boxes for you according to your wishes. Please add a description and/or a sketch of the desired boxes to the contact form and we will respond promptly


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