Through printed screw boxes you provide clarity

There are always big problems when buying screws. But why is that actually the case? The answer is clear: because the individual variants are simply lying in boxes in an unorganised way and the hobby craftsman often doesn't even know whether the corresponding model even fits the building project. So they simply buy on spec and usually end up exchanging them later. How good would it be if the screws could be found in labelled boxes? We have the solution for you, because our folding boxes can be designed by you. Of course, you can also order folding boxes without design from us. We offer you limitless possibilities. Just like the little helpers themselves, our cardboard boxes differ in size and shape. Our screw boxes are tailored exactly to your needs and you make the design of the screw box yourself.

The choice is huge

The screw world seems to be subterranean. Cross or slot, with fine or coarse thread? Which anchor fits at all? Questions upon questions that can be answered with the right packaging. When the screw or dowel packaging is printed by us, you bring light into the darkness. Screw packaging can also be useful for you from a marketing point of view. Not only can you immortalise the name on the screw or dowel box, but the screw or dowel packaging also offers enough space for your company name. If the screws are also of good quality, your name will be remembered. With the screw box, the small utensils always stay in order and storage takes up very little space. By the way, our boxes not only look great, they also impress with their robustness. Stability is important, because the folding boxes could quickly be damaged by the pointed tools. With our cardboard boxes, this danger can easily be averted.

Count on quality "Made in Germany"

Our folding boxes are manufactured in Germany. The printing is also carried out here. So you order your printed screw boxes directly from the manufacturer. Once the printing has been implemented, the cardboard boxes are immediately dispatched. We can therefore guarantee you short delivery times. Set accents with our screw boxes and give order a chance!

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