Shipping cartons from ebro colour

They are the first thing your customer sees of you - shipping cartons ensure that your goods arrive at the recipient in top condition. Are you looking for suitable cartons, shipping boxes and shipping packaging to bring your products from the online shop to the customer? Then we have good news: At ebro colour you order directly from the manufacturer and for this reason we can offer you our shipping cartons, even a few pieces, at an unbeatable top price.

What can you use our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes for?

In welchen Paketen und wieviel Stück wollen Sie versenden?

Once you have placed your products in a cardboard box and handed it over to the parcel service, the cardboard boxes fulfil the purpose of protecting your goods above all else. We make our cardboard boxes from corrugated cardboard, which makes them real environmental heroes. Because this material offers you a high load-bearing capacity, especially for shipping, and is also very resource-friendly.

We make all of our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes from recycled paper - and your customers can dispose of these boxes, which they have received via shipping, directly in the recycled paper.

What dimensions are possible with our shipping boxes?

Unsere Versandkartons können später auch als Umzugskartons eingesetzt werden.

We specialise in shipping boxes in every size, i.e. every height, depth and width, and above all in high quality. Do you have something to send in an unusual size? Then we can of course also supply you with shipping boxes in your desired size.

Since you order directly from the manufacturer of the packaging, we can focus on your needs and provide you with exactly what you need.

We not only pay attention to stability, which is of course important for your parcels. We also ship your packaging in such a way that it is optimised for your warehouse. It is stored flat, so that all you have to do is assemble and fill the desired shipping packaging. Your package can then be sent on its way together with the goods.

Your shipping box - individually printed

Ihre Verpackung in ausgefallenen Designs

Customise your shipping boxes in all sizes and let them become an ambassador for your brand. Shippers like Amazon show how it's done - customers can tell at first glance which company they're getting mail from before they've seen any of the items in the package.

Even the box is designed accordingly. We offer you the option of customising your shipping box with a logo or even a haptic effect.

You can also completely customise the inside and outside of your shipping box. Use the bottom for further information or thank your customers for their order.

We can offer you all of this at an envelope-ready price in all variants - so your package will be a delight for the customer from the first time they see it.

Your shipping packaging at the best price

Welche Paketgröße kommt bei Ihnen zum Einsatz?

You can get your shipping box in all sizes and dimensions in the best quality. You buy directly from the manufacturer and so we can also offer you the most diverse variants.

You can also get shipping boxes in unusual sizes from us if the products you are shipping do not correspond to the standard dimensions.

We deal with folding boxes every day. We will be happy to advise you on this topic, also when it comes to the details of your packaging for shipping.

Für Ihre Fragen nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt zu uns auf.

Our competent staff also have practical tips for you when it comes to delivery or in which designs you should order. Please simply contact us.

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