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Banderoles are a particularly clever type of packaging. They are simply slipped over products and significantly enhance a neutral look. When you have banderoles printed, you can also brand books, software or food. Your own logos or special designs will immediately catch the eye. Order your cardboard banderoles now and get flexible packaging material for your products.

From inconspicuous cover to eye-catcher

Your products are already finished and you are now looking for a way to advertise special offers on them? Or does your item not allow any branding at all because it has been packed in foil or needs to be stored in the open air? Perhaps the design of your book, CD or software should simply stand on its own? In this case, banderoles are perfect as extra packaging.

The carton slipcase is available from us in the right size to fit exactly over the product. The sturdy material does a good job of providing additional protection. Logos, slogans or offers immediately catch the eye with a printed cardboard sleeve. You can also use it to sell several products at once under one label.

Banderole printing: making your product stand out from the crowd


Our quality banderoles are ideal for any item you want to visually enhance with a simple trick. By having us print your banderole, you ensure the best quality. Rich colours and contrasts are made possible in no time with our professional printing process. In close coordination with our team, you ensure that your design comes into its own on the carton slipcase in your desired size.

Banderoles are simple packaging solutions that turn a product into something special with just a flick of the wrist. Since all four sides are printable, even extensive designs can be effortlessly reproduced on them. The space-saving storage of the carton slipcase speaks for itself. By having banderoles printed, you create a unique item according to your ideas.

Print banderoles and order them in the quantity of your choice


We can provide you with customised offers for your packaging at any time. We are also happy to implement special requests. You can coordinate size, finishing and printing with us and, if you are satisfied, you will receive carton slipcase in the desired quantity. You benefit from attractive discounts, especially for large orders. For professional users, we offer customised solutions that pay off.

Would you like to get a better idea of the quality of our products in advance? For this purpose, we will gladly supply you with samples. Alternatively, you can send us your products so that we can tailor the design and size precisely to your needs.

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