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Ebro Color offers individual solutions for your packaging. Even in small quantities, folding boxes, cartons or cardboard boxes are produced here entirely according to your needs. White or printed, the choice is yours. Fast delivery within Germany is guaranteed.

Packaging as a business card

Often it is the packaging, the outer shell of the product, that decides whether the customer reaches for it or not. This is no different with small pet food boxes. Boxes in a practical format, with an appealing print, end up in the shopping basket more often than boring bags. With the right packaging, you create recognition value for your customers. Especially your food for small animals will be found quickly and reliably from the wide range.

Cartons and folding boxes of the highest quality


Show your customers the philosophy of your company already with the packaging. With high-quality boxes, printed in a natural look, you will convince the owners of small animals. You want natural, healthy food in a sturdy box for your pets. There is nothing worse than when the contents of the box are spread all over the car and all the way to the home because the box is torn on the way.

Your product is unique, why not your packaging?

The perfect box is designed and manufactured especially for you. Thanks to innovative advice, you will find exactly the right packaging for your small animal food. You can present premium products to your customers in high-quality cartons that are additionally enhanced with special finishing techniques. Your cardboard boxes are available either with ring printing or in an elegant plain colour.

Folding boxes, simple and practical

When things need to be done quickly and easily, folding boxes are a good choice. They can be stored in a space-saving way and are quickly ready for use when needed. Everything is made exactly to your specified dimensions and delivered unfolded.

When you want it to be sustainable

Sustainability plays a big role for pet lovers. Small pet food boxes are subject to the requirements of the food regulations, which is why recycled paper may not be used in most cases. Thanks to many years of experience in the production of cardboard boxes, also for the food sector, we can recommend the right cardboard for a sustainable appearance of your brand. Together with the right imprint, you convey a connection to nature to your customers.

On request, you will receive advice, offers and samples specially tailored to your product.

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