Socks have undergone an image change. Who would have thought that the legwear would one day become a stylish accessory? Even our celebrities can't do without the trend any more. From TV favourite Joko Winterscheidt to pop queen Rihanna - if you've got style, you've got socks - preferably in bright colours or with a bold print. It would be a shame if the new it-piece disappeared lovelessly in the dresser. Ebro Color has a better idea: How about a trendy sock box?

Sock packaging with wow effect

From now on, it's not all about socks. The packaging is also important. Hand on heart: the new statement pieces look even more tempting in a stylish sock box. You'll find the most beautiful ideas at Ebro Color. In our high-quality, tailor-made cardboard packaging, the textiles are in the best of hands. See for yourself. Take one of our folding boxes in your hands, gently stroke the smooth surface and feel the anticipation of unpacking rise up inside you. I wonder what is hidden behind the sturdy façade.

Our sock boxes pass the material test with flying colours. The folding boxes do just as well in the design test. Tasteful stockings in premium quality belong in our timelessly elegant boxes made of white cardboard. The simple frame gives the accessories the attention they deserve. Would you like your stockings and tights to stand out from the crowd? Then how about strikingly colourful or extravagantly printed sock boxes with cheerful prints? The bright colours and wild prints literally invite you to unwrap them. Would you like to leave your personal signature on the cardboard boxes? We would be happy to immortalise you with your individual company logo on the packaging. Now the customer knows at first glance who he has to thank for the little beauties in the folding boxes.

Exceptional folding boxes in record time


You want your stockings and tights to be seen - and as quickly as possible? Ebro Color will fulfil your wish. Fast delivery times are our speciality. Especially within Germany, your individually designed cardboard boxes arrive at your door in record speed - whether plain in one colour or eye-catchingly printed.

How about a small sample? We would be happy to send you a free sample of our boxes. Now you can experience our quality first hand.

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