Sponge boxes make small things really big

Ebro Color sponge boxes and sponge slipcases support important aspects of marketing and attract attention where it will have the greatest effect. Today, every company knows how important a consistent, professional corporate image is for success. Printed folding cartons are an effective tool for highlighting the uniqueness of your company and products. Boxes and folding cartons with individual printing complete the successful corporate image and strengthen your lasting impression. Ebro Color offers you sturdy quality packaging at attractive prices, which you can have printed as you wish. They allow for great design diversity and represent an important pillar in the marketing mix.

Cardboard sponge box: It doesn't always have to be plastic

Carton packaging is environmentally friendly and exudes just as much elegance as plastic packaging, because its visual impact is primarily determined by its design. Carton slipcases are also packaging that can be designed to a high standard and thus attract a lot of attention. The effect of a small sponge packaging can be just as impressive as that of a large one. A slipcase made of cardboard protects the sponge and gives the customer a view of the product inside. POS solutions are extremely popular because they protect without hiding too much. Ebro Color sponge slipcases and sponge boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and are individually printed according to your wishes. They allow numerous designs so that sponges & co. are decoratively presented. Finishes such as lamination or die-cutting are also possible for cardboard boxes for sponges & co. The cut-outs in the folding boxes arouse curiosity, invite to grasp and thus ensure double attention.

Folding boxes from Ebro Color: the quality speaks for itself


The uses of cardboard boxes are almost limitless. They are often used as advertising material or gift packaging. In the slipcase, the sponge finds its optimal packaging. It is not for nothing that carton slipcases are just as popular in retail as they are with the end consumer, because they can be opened and closed again several times without being damaged.

You will be amazed at the precision with which we print each sponge box. You have complete freedom in the design of the boxes. Nevertheless, we also produce larger series at a low price. The transparent ordering process at Ebro Color gives you full price control. In addition, you can look forward to pleasantly short delivery times.

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