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Sustainable packaging solutions are more than just a trend. In the fight against environmental pollution and climate change, environmentally friendly packaging makes its important contribution. Sustainable packaging for food is becoming increasingly popular, but can also be used for all other products. With sustainable packaging from the manufacturer, retailers and producers conserve resources and contribute to a greener future. You can get packaging solutions of all kinds from us made to measure and with your desired design.

When is packaging sustainable?

Whoever thinks of sustainable packaging immediately has the avoidance of plastic in mind. Environmentally friendly packaging avoids materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle. They also refrain from using materials that have not decomposed even after years. Materials that damage the environment with certain components are also out of the question for sustainable packaging solutions.

Most sustainable packaging is made of cardboard. This can simply be fed into the recycling loop. End consumers do not have to do more with recyclable packaging than dispose of it in the waste paper. By recycling, producers save water and energy to a considerable extent.

Not every wrapper made of paper or cardboard can immediately be called sustainable packaging, however. Toxic inks for printing or excessively long transport routes can also have a negative impact on the environmental balance. With us, you get sustainable packaging from the manufacturer. We rely on recycled materials and short distances.

Buy sustainable packaging for your products

Sustainable cardboard packaging can be used to protect all products. Cosmetics and drugstore items, technical accessories or pharmaceuticals are just examples of the items you can make ready to sell, store or ship with recyclable packaging. Sustainable packaging is also suitable for food. We offer solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Sustainable packaging with your design

Sustainable packaging in a neutral colour is ideal for storing products. However, if you want to use them for gifting or as product packaging, printing helps. Thanks to our innovative printing technology, we can add your own design to sustainable packaging in record time. Would you like an elegant black with your logo? Or would you prefer an unusual design for your sustainable packaging that catches the eye? Our printing service will help you get more attention.

Recyclable packaging: customised solutions from professionals

We produce your sustainable packaging to measure and in your desired quantity. This way, you guarantee that your boxes are exactly tailored to your products and automatically increase sales figures. You communicate your wishes to our team in close consultation and thus receive packaging solutions for professional purposes.

In order to further improve the environmental balance of our packaging, we avoid going via wholesalers and middlemen and thus long transport routes. Sustainable packaging from the manufacturer, produced directly at home, is the best thing for our environment.

Sustainable packaging: Order samples now

Contact us to get the tailor-made solution that suits you one hundred percent. With us, you benefit from deliveries in your desired quantity and in the appropriate size. This way you avoid waste and save money, especially on bulk orders.

We are happy to send you a sample of our sustainable packaging. You can also provide us with a sample of your products. This way, we can tailor the packaging solutions exactly to your needs.

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