Cool boxes for hot shirts

Printed folding boxes with individual design are fascinating cardboard boxes with additional benefits. They protect the goods inside and bring your advertising message more precisely to where the attention is greatest: to the consumer. We at Ebro Color offer you the fascinating possibility of customising T-shirt boxes - in the highest quality and at very attractive prices. All-round closed boxes protect during storage and transport. They cut a fine figure in any weather, withstanding heat as well as cold. Your shelves always look tidy and at the same time are a presentation surface that you won't pass by quickly.

Cardboard boxes from Ebro Color convince all along the line


Folding cardboard boxes from Ebro Color are perfect advertising ambassadors and as individual as you are as a customer. We can print the cardboard boxes on four sides and finish them attractively as desired. A shirt in an elegantly designed box already attracts a lot of attention on the shelf; your company logo on an appropriate background also guarantees high recognition value. Ebro Color offers you high-quality boxes in many beautiful colours. In addition, you can choose from several types of finishing such as embossing, die-cutting or perforation. Your customers will also enjoy an unmistakable added value through the packaging: T-shirts in folding boxes are wonderful to send and look much better as personal gifts than shirts that are simply wrapped in wrapping paper. Whether individually printed or neutral, every T-shirt becomes an eye-catcher in a classy cardboard box.

Folding cardboard boxes also increase the value of practical gifts


Cardboard boxes from Ebro Color are convincing in many respects. Shirts are popular gifts for a wide variety of occasions. With a high-quality shirt, we give away joy and show our affection. A special shirt that emphasises the uniqueness of its recipient needs the right T-shirt packaging. We at Ebro Color offer you the T-shirt box in many attractive colours for this purpose. Our high-quality T-shirt boxes indicate from the outside that something worth protecting is hidden in the box and already visually increase the value of the contents. They are stable, stackable, highly visible and extremely practical. Even during transport, the contents will not be damaged. With additional finishing, for example embossing or die-cutting, you add further appeal and give the shirt packaging with print even more charisma.

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