Stow the test kit safely in the test kit box

Medical progress is expanding the areas of application for rapid tests performed by lay people at home. Modern procedures with simplified methods reduce the rate of faulty applications and allow much more reliable test results than a few years ago. The pregnancy test, which has been well known for some time, has been joined by other tests: the antigen test and the coronary test. This development is very welcome, as it saves many a visit to the doctor or pharmacist. An important criterion for flawless test material is sturdy packaging such as the test kit box as a cardboard packaging that is precisely tailored to its intended use.

Special model among cardboard boxes: the test kit box


Nothing should leak, nothing must break: The requirements for folding boxes and folding cartons for packaging and shipping test kits are high. For a meaningful test result, the boxes must protect their contents with above-average security. Financial aspects also play a role, because the sometimes expensive tests are not automatically covered by the health insurance companies. Time is also often of the essence, for example in the case of the Coronatest. Cardboard boxes specially designed for test kits provide sufficient stability for their precious contents. In addition to the extra-strong cardboard box, it is helpful to have an interior of the packaging that is adapted to the test kit: a sensible subdivision of the boxes including niches or small spaces for the firm stowage of tubes filled with liquid and the like. Ultimately, the interior design of a test kit box depends on the size and complexity of the test items. The box or carton should be easy to open and easy to reseal for onward or return shipment once it has been opened. We at Ebro Color will be happy to advise you on which test kit box variant is best suited to your needs.

Printed test kit box from the experienced packaging manufacturer


For the secure shipping of rapid tests such as pregnancy tests, antigen tests and coronate tests, printed folding boxes and folding cartons are particularly practical. Printed information can ask for careful handling in transit. Why not also provide cardboard boxes containing test material with a decorative print? For printing, we will submit a few appealing motifs to you on request.

It's best to contact us today. The sooner you order your test kit box, the sooner you can send the test material. We deliver within Germany in a few days from the order. Well-rehearsed professional operations assure you of high quality.

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