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Cardboard toothpaste boxes - Ebro Color knows the secrets of good packaging

Well looked after: Your toothpaste in safe hands


A radiant smile is our most beautiful accessory. No jewellery, no handbag, no silk scarf comes close to beautiful healthy teeth. This makes thorough oral hygiene all the more important. The first step towards healthy teeth is toothpaste. To ensure that your tube arrives intact in your bathroom at home, you need solid toothpaste boxes. And that's exactly what Ebro Color takes care of. Our packaging specialists know what makes good folding toothpaste boxes. They have to be stable and resistant. But that's not all: the appearance also plays a role.

Not for nothing do we have various designs of folding boxes on offer for you. How about simple elegance on the toothpaste shelf? Our boxes made of discreet white cardboard impress with their elegant minimalism. Do you want your product to stand out from the crowd? We are happy to give our folding boxes an extravagant touch. We print your desired motif all around the high-quality cardboard boxes. Stylish colours, effective slogans or medical logos encourage customers to buy. Of course, we can also provide special finishing techniques. A touch of glamour is added to the cardboard boxes with elegant gloss effects or metallic highlights. Especially gold and silver details catch the eye. Sophisticated embossing, whether deep or high embossing, also puts your folding boxes in the spotlight. Or how about wafer-thin foil accents? Foil lamination makes it possible.

Toothpaste boxes from Ebro Color - when things have to move fast


If you want to get your product on the market as quickly as possible, Ebro Color is the right choice. We do not know long delivery times. Your folding boxes will arrive in just a few days - ready printed and stylishly finished. We guarantee fast delivery times, especially within Germany.

Adding to this is our exceptional quality. Gently stroke our cardboard. Can you feel the difference? Sturdy, robust and yet delicate - that's exactly what distinguishes our boxes. Where would your toothpaste be better off than in our compact cardboard boxes?

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