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Game of dice, card game or drinking game: there are countless challenges to pack games visually coherent in cardboard boxes. Joke articles, balloons and drinking game boxes convince with stimulating colours. Hand puppets also attract attention in classically restrained cardboard packaging!

Each cardboard packaging speaks an individual language. A cuddly animal box can be like a loving nest from which the plush toy is taken out by delicate children's hands. It is completely different with a building toy! Here it is all about clear thinking, construction and invention. This is what a building toy box should convey at first glance. The print can show little constructors at work or colourful, geometric shapes following a certain arrangement.

Packaging is not just packaging!

Construction toys, however, are not only aimed at children. If it is a model toy with countless small parts, the cardboard packaging should appear serious. This is a sophisticated leisure activity, unlike a squeaky duck, which is reminiscent of bathing fun and therefore absolutely has to convince with cheerful colouring!

So not all packaging is the same! Why? Toy boxes have different target groups. Small and large, male and female, lovers of exuberant fantasy and fans of technology. So let your boxes and model toy boxes do the talking. Give the educational toy inside its personal external appearance and thus a brand value. Each toy box can be used to differentiate specifically. Party goods and dice game boxes catch the eye with cheerful faces, hats or oversized numbers. Like joke boxes, the striking appearance and the quick amusement apply here.

And cardboard boxes for musical toys, cuddly toys, dolls or Punch and Judy shows are different. These toys live with us and sometimes become members of the family. Colours, shapes, people and animals should be depicted on folding boxes in a realistic, friendly and familiar way.

Folding boxes for quits, helmet boxes or construction toy boxes always have one thing in common, however: they are the outer shell for the contents. It's good to know that our high-quality toy boxes can be designed in a variety of ways! Numbers tumble through the air. Helmet, knee pads, protective gear and elbow pads reveal either the exciting game of knights or necessary utensils for various martial arts.

Our conclusion on game boxes and folding boxes


Folding boxes are functional and visual eye-catchers. Brightly coloured party article boxes, balloon boxes with cheerful colours, dynamic knight games, animating card game boxes: Printed game boxes all around are eye-catchers and great gifts at any time!

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