Underwear boxes directly from the manufacturer

Cardboard boxes are in vogue. Stylishly designed, they become eye-catchers that get you in the mood for unboxing. Folding boxes are ecological, practical and at the same time beautiful if the design is right. Classically narrow, traditionally robust or with a cut-out leading directly to the product, underwear boxes appeal directly to the customer.

Folding cartons as packaging for underwear and lingerie


Carton packaging is more than ever an integral part of a campaign. It becomes an advertising medium in its own right, protecting and presenting underwear and lingerie. With the appropriate print and possible finishes, an underwear box attracts attention and encourages purchases.
The design of underwear boxes should match the style of the contents and the target group.

Boxes with style: plain white or printed

Underwear boxes can impress with a clean, white design or advertise with trendy prints that describe the underwear. A cut-out presents the material and colour. Unlike the lingerie box, an pants box often has a sporty character.

Lingerie boxes with added value

Fine lingerie stimulates the imagination. Lingerie boxes should correspond to this. It is not uncommon for a lingerie box to become a gift box. This should be taken into account when designing the boxes. While a lingerie box is often only used once, so folding boxes are suitable, lingerie boxes have a second life in the wardrobe.


Lingerie boxes with flattering print

Folding boxes are ecologically well thought-out packaging solutions. They protect the product perfectly, are suitable for printing and can be disposed of in a space-saving way. An underwear box protects a pair of pure white pants including vest from dirt and dust, a lingerie box encloses fine ladies' underwear. With the right design, a lingerie box becomes an iconic collector's item.

Cardboard boxes printed all around for vest and underpants


With boxes and cartons directly from the manufacturer, the packaging of underwear can be quickly realised according to your own ideas. A sleek pants box attracts buyers. The quality of the box is already registered. It has a decisive influence on the customer's quality expectations. This should be considered when designing the boxes: Contents and pants boxes form an aesthetic unit.

Thoughtful and convincing design

Design must be intuitive. The special nature of the product should be expressed in the design of the box. We offer you noble material and a high-quality finish with individual extras, made in Germany, with short delivery times.

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