Vouchers are among the most popular gifts, as they are suitable for any occasion and can always be individually adapted to the person receiving the gift. However, in order to give a voucher in style, an appealing packaging must be well thought out. After all, such a gift, just like a gift of money, cannot be wrapped particularly well in wrapping paper, unlike a material gift. Ebro Color offers you the solution to this problem in the form of high-quality cardboard boxes. Ebro Color specialises in producing beautiful and qualitatively convincing cardboard boxes in different sizes and formats, which are also ideal for creative and appealing gift certificate wrapping.

Folding boxes as stylish packaging


With our sturdy folding cardboard boxes, you acquire high-quality packaging for your high-value product. Since our cardboard boxes are made of robust, carefully processed material, neither moisture nor pressure can harm them so quickly. The delicate biscuits are well protected in them, even in fully packed shopping bags, and can even survive transport next to moist food. Our macaron boxes are the perfect size to keep your product safe: The sweet biscuits sit exactly next to each other in the box without sliding around inside and breaking as a result. Specially designed inserts for our macaron boxes provide additional support.

Printed cardboard boxes as attractive packaging


If you're looking for a great way to wrap your gifts in extra style, Ebro Color's folding cardboard boxes are a great choice for you. The cardboard packaging is made from high-quality materials and with the greatest care. Thus, you receive boxes that are already convincing in terms of quality at first glance and make the gifts stored inside look particularly valuable. Thanks to their stable shape, the voucher boxes also ensure that the contents stored in them are not bent or damaged and thus survive their journey to the person receiving the gift in their most beautiful form.

Individually printed voucher boxes as a creative gift

Ebro Color offers you the option of ordering high-quality folding boxes either in white or printed. You can choose which motif should be printed on the cardboard boxes yourself. The folding boxes can be printed all around and thus receive an individual and special appearance. In addition, there is the option to have the voucher boxes provided with further finishing effects. For example, the boxes can be finished with matt varnish, silk matt varnish, gloss varnish or high gloss varnish, which results in different scratch resistance. In addition, the voucher boxes can be made into real eye-catchers with other great effects: whether embossing or deep embossing, matt or gloss effects, UV screen printing varnish, hot foil embossing or foil lamination - nothing stands in the way of your wishes when printing. As a result, you get beautiful and high-quality boxes whose great designs are particularly creative and appealing. These voucher boxes are therefore ideal for stylish wrapping of money or vouchers.

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