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Precious beverages want to be securely packaged and protected all around. Wine packaging is always part of the presentation and conveys a sense of value. Anyone who wants to package wine must take several aspects into account. From the size of the individual bottle to the simultaneous packaging of a bundle of several bottles, many things are possible, including a different design.

Wine packaging - simple, noble and inexpensive

Wine is one of the noble beverages that are ideally associated with enjoyment and luxury. The packaging should already show this. Wine packaging is available in different designs. For example, the cardboard for wine packaging can be natural and rustic, in plain white, in elegant black or in another colour.

The surface can be changed to a different colour.

The surface can be printed individually on all sides. Finishing with gold or silver foil embossing, partial screen printing varnishing or lamination with foils are popular. Wine packaging for different formats can be produced inexpensively by direct order. Thus, sparkling wine and wine packaging for 1 bottle or wine packaging for 2 bottles can be produced at a low price. Would you like packaging for a piccolo bottle? Just ask. We will take over the order according to your design.

How to package a wine bottle?

Wine packaging as a gift, give-away or for sale is sophisticated in design. In order to package wine correctly, a number of things must be taken into account. This starts with format and weight. Wine packaging for 1 bottle or even wine packaging for 2 bottles can weigh up to 2.5 kilograms. The glass of the bottles must be protected against breakage.

To do this, an appropriately resilient cardboard box and a design of the boxes are needed that on the one hand withstand the load and on the other hand are intuitively easy to open. Added to this is the visual requirement. Visually, the packaging must convey the pleasure and appeal to the buyer or the recipient. The design should be memorable and have a recognition effect. We support you in the selection of materials and design so that wine and packaging are a perfect match.

The advantages of individually produced and directly commissioned wine packaging


The packaging should present your product and correspond to your intentions. To select the carton for wine packaging that matches the bottle and design, you are welcome to call on our expertise. But that is only one advantage if you order wine packaging directly from the manufacturer. In addition:

  • exact matching of dimensions and weight
  • .
  • individual design and printing as agreed on all six sides
  • .
  • High quality and finishing options through film lamination or special printing forms such as partial screen printing lacquering
  • .
  • favourable price
  • direct contact with personal communication
  • .

From the design to the delivery of your wine packaging, you have one contact person instead of several, who will support you with advice, knowledge and experience. This is how wine packaging is created that proves its worth in the everyday world of sales, presentation and for gifts.

Wine packaging as a gift and for sales presentation

Company anniversary, wedding, trade fair - there are many occasions when wine is a suitable gift. Employees, business partners, customers or friends and acquaintances are delighted with the gift and will keep you in good memory. Wine packaging forms the framework in which your gift comes into its own.

Wine as a commodity requires a targeted presentation. Labels and wine packaging should be coordinated and convey the future enjoyment appropriately. We support you with our many years of experience in the creation and implementation of your design. Just ask. We are pleased and happy to be there for you!

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