In almost all areas, environmentally friendly paper packaging has replaced the long common plastic bags. They are mainly used to pack shopping and food, and are considered a cheap and lightweight packaging solution. With us, you can also buy paper packaging with your own design and easily increase the awareness of your brand. We produce your paper packaging in your desired quantity and in the appropriate size. In this way, we can also make special requests a reality.

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Paper packaging is ideal for storing individual food items. They are therefore often used in the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets. Bistros and kiosks as well as bakeries and butchers also rely on paper packaging to store products safely. Often, paper packaging is even considered biodegradable and can thus be disposed of together with food waste. The possibility of recycling also speaks in favour of paper as a material.

Larger paper packaging, on the other hand, can also be used to store shopping. Basically, however, there are no limits. Paper is a tear-resistant material that is also particularly light. Paper packaging can therefore be stored without great cost and space expenditure.

Paper packaging from the manufacturer with your own logo

Fulfilling more than mere purpose: from ebro colour

For supermarkets, restaurants and snack bars, paper packaging is not only popular for its ability to easily transport the contents. They are also considered an integral part of branding. Openly carried packaging with your own logo is an ideal advertising medium. Sophisticated designs with recognition value benefit even more from this effect.

The same applies when you use paper as product packaging. In retail, a creative design immediately catches the eye and thus entices spontaneous purchases. A classy and simple look, on the other hand, is evidence of higher-quality content - customers are then more willing to spend more money.

As a packaging specialist, we are happy to implement your finishing and printing ideas. In the end, you get the paper packaging that is one hundred percent tailored to you. We deliver the ideal size, the right quantity and a design that stands out with vivid colours and rich contrasts in record time.

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Paper packaging helps you to actively avoid plastic and to package your products in an environmentally friendly and safe way. To do this, however, they have to be in the same league in terms of appearance and stability. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of producing only first-class paper packaging.

With us, there is no standard. You therefore only receive packaging that is one hundred percent tailored to your goals and your products. In close consultation with you, we create the paper packaging that is necessary for the professionalisation of your logistics. So that you can convince yourself more precisely of our quality promise in advance, we will be happy to send you a sample of our work free of charge and without obligation.

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