Jewellery is not just a gift, but an expression of deep feelings and appreciation. Every piece of jewellery tells a unique story, and that story starts with the packaging.

A wide range of jewellery packaging

In our online shop, customers will find a diverse selection of printed jewellery packaging in different formats and sizes. From small pieces of jewellery to ostentatious necklaces - we offer the right packaging for every product.

Small boxes and folding boxes for small and large jewellery

Our range extends from small boxes for earrings, pearls and piercings to folding boxes in various sizes.

Telescope boxes for larger pieces of jewellery

For larger pieces of jewellery such as necklaces or bangles, we offer matching Telescope boxes in various sizes.

The advantages of cardboard packaging

Cardboard is our material of choice for jewellery packaging. It is light and strong and provides protection and security for precious jewellery.

Customisable printed jewellery packaging

A great advantage of our printed jewellery packaging is the possibility of customisation. Customers can have their jewellery packaging customised and printed

Your design, your logo, your packaging

Whether it's with your own logo, slogan or custom designs, we can help create the perfect packaging that reflects the identity and style of the jewellery store

Get in touch with Ebro Color

We cater to individual requirements and offer custom designs. Get in touch with us and discover the wide range of possibilities we can offer you.

Jewellery packaging from Ebro Color - Package your values

With printed jewellery packaging from Ebro Color, every piece of jewellery becomes an unforgettable gift. Discover our range of printed jewellery packaging and take the first step towards making your products more appealing and memorable. Ebro Color - we package your values.

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