They are the first impression your customers get of your product - the product packaging. And nothing is as valuable as the first impression - that's why we at ebro colour specialise in providing you with product packaging that attracts the lasting attention of your target group and, at best, ensures your desired purchase decisions.

The best thing about it: with us, you decide to buy directly from the manufacturer, so we can also offer you the best price for your individual product packaging.

What can you use our product packaging for?

Boxes help showcase your product

Product packaging is the advertising medium at the point of sale - where your customer comes into contact with the product. Regardless of whether your goods are one of many products with a lot of competition or whether you don't necessarily have to stand out from the crowd in your own shop - well-designed product packaging of very good quality is marketing in itself.

So whether you need packaging for drinks, medicines, decorations, everyday items or gifts, make sure you communicate well and present your promotional messages through packaging design and the right printing.

Your product comes in different sizes? Our packaging is perfect for that too. With ebro colour, you opt for a presentation made to measure.

In which size can you order your product packaging?

Fulfilling more than just the bare purpose: by ebro colour

Product packaging and packaging of all kinds are our passion. We love to package products individually and support your brand with our designs. That's why you can choose from over 1000 sizes with us and inspire your customers with customised product packaging.

You already have a specific size in mind for your product packaging? Then let us, as the producer you trust, know these dimensions and we will convert them into cardboard.

Or do you need an individual, unusual size at the POS? We would be happy to design the packaging for your product so that it is perfect for sales or even for shipping from your online shop.

Packaging individual and creative

Let our customer service advise you in German.

Create your corporate identity with product packaging in every conceivable colour and shape. Design the outside so that your customer is excited at first sight and continue this experience with the matching design on the inside. Our product packaging is not only the packaging for your goods, but rather a visual highlight.

It's the material that counts


Did you know that a product box does not simply have to enclose the product? With us, you can add haptic and visual highlights. Emboss your logo or finish your product box with a special surface - always with the aim of being remembered by your customer.


With all these highlights, however, we also don't lose sight of the environment and so it goes without saying that all our materials are chosen in such a way that the cartons can later be disposed of in the waste paper. So your packaging also becomes a hero of sustainability.

How do you present your products?

With us, you will find the box with which to ship your products as well as custom-made. We are happy to design a few pieces for you in small batches first, or you can have samples sent to you and then decide from the options. Do you still have questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also provide a large print run of your boxes on request.

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