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You want to protect your product with an individual sales packaging and at the same time effectively "set the scene"? On this page we inform you about the benefits of sales packaging, what distinguishing features there are and why [placeholder company name] is the optimal supplier for sales packaging of all kinds.


Why are products packaged?

Fulfilling more than mere purpose: by ebro colour

A few examples show the immense benefits of shipping packaging alone. The online trade is booming unabated and you also profit from e-commerce? Of course, your customer expects the ordered goods to arrive in perfect condition. That's why your high-quality product must not arrive at the delivery company without shipping packaging or loose without outer packaging. With our individually tailored sales packaging, we ensure that your customer can receive the ordered goods in optimal condition. In this way, we contribute to customer satisfaction and ensure that the return rate remains low. But that is by no means the end of the advantages of sales packaging.

Sales packaging - use the advertising effect


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Just kill three birds with one stone and create a win-win-win situation! With a packaging you 1. protect the product, 2. can point out the characteristics of the item and 3. advertise your company. By printing the packaging, we highlight the advantages of the product. Likewise, we put your company logo in the limelight and keep you positive in the customer's memory. Examples from the world of marketing show how well this works. There is the "bitten apple", a mountain lion at the moment of take-off or a symbol like the "Swoosh" sign - all logos that are unmistakably associated with the respective company by the customer. And a high >recognition value turns customers into - regular customers. The question: "Why are products packaged?" therefore provides promising answers. The next question is HOW?


How are products packaged? - The individual sales packaging

We supply sales packaging to every industry, be it for the food or cosmetics industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry or in the catering sector - to name but a few. Essentially, outer packaging can be divided into two categories: and shipping cartons. Here are a few examples of which sales packaging we have to choose from.

  • Tuck-in boxes
  • Telescope boxes
  • Hanging boxes
  • hinged boxes
  • rigid hinged lid box
  • cardboard slipcase
  • slipcases with inserts
  • take-away box
  • chest boxes
  • postal boxes
  • Corrugated board shipping boxes
  • Corrugated board boxes

The shipping box - sturdy cardboard packaging for your postal shipping


With the folding box, the shipping box range also has a special folding function. These are sturdy printed cardboard boxes with a double side wall for 3D mailings and for sending by post, which can be opened in a visually appealing way via the lid flap. Large and heavy contents, on the other hand, require special sales packaging. With our corrugated cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes your products will arrive safely at the customer. On the other hand, if you are dealing with smaller items or documents, our mailing bags could be a good option. Just a few items from our wide range of sales packaging.

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